I like to think that lifts&bounds is my responsibility, not necessarily my brainchild. Sure, you could call it my idea...but I don't believe there's any truly unique idea these days.

Ten years ago, I was working in the finance world and I wasn't feeling the passion; I decided that just being quite good at something wasn't necessarily the type of success for which I long. I sat back from my computer and set my mind adrift. Daydreaming for me often meant reliving childhood memories of skiing.

One of my fondest memories was digging ski clothes from the back of the hall closet and scouring the array of pockets for treasure. The occasional five dollar bill was always an awesome find, but the ultimate discovery was the creased, tattered trail map from our last ski adventure. I have so many vivid memories studying various trail maps, recalling the best runs we had in years past, wondering if the conditions would be as good in our "secret spots". Seeing those trail maps would send my mind racing and at the time, nothing else mattered.

It was at that same desk in 2011 that I first considered the possibility of lifts&bounds. What if I wasn't the only one whose ski-trip memories danced off the page when I saw the trail layouts where those powder turns and groomer straight-shots took place? Certainly I could collect the trail maps and frame them, nicely enough, and my home office could house the ski resort memorabilia. But why stop there? Like many of our favorite resorts, the maps are so incredibly busy...covered in advertisements, data, disclaimers and detail. Right then it all started to come to me: why not recreate that trail layouts we're so used to seeing, but do so in an artistically mindful, minimal presentation. And thus, lifts&bounds was born.

In 2012, I finally began designing and printing my first works. To me, they were beautiful. They were unique. They were refreshing. For once, that which I had envisioned had in fact become reality. As a young boy, I struggled with art because my work never turned out quite the way I anticipated or dreamt. This time, however, it all felt right.

I must admit that I feel incredibly fortunate that I have the opportunity to share my creation with the world. It is not my intention to convince people of the greatness of lifts&bounds prints, all artwork has its critics. If those iconic lines that adorn each artwork speak to you, evoke emotion, or send you to a memory buried in time, then lifts&bounds is helping me accomplish what I hoped to share with you.

Please, enjoy!

- Patrick